Chaturbate: Where Fantasies Come Live

Chaturbate is one of the newest web cam sites launched for your entertainment. Interestingly, it has about 4000 live performers with at least 30 percent of being live all the time. In fact, with such a huge percentage of girls being online, you have the option from a great diversity. You can also use free a free Chaturbate token hack.

At the first glance, it appear like a normal webcam chat site with a simple home page. It doesn’t have any fancy page, but direct access to the live cam. For your convenience, the online members are marked with large thumbnail images. Apart from this, it often showcases screenshots of live webcam sessions.


Chaturbate Appearance

Chaturbate token generator uses a cool blue to draw your attention which is a very smart move. Unlike, other competitors, it has stayed away from warm colors and chose a cool blue shade.

Just as the warm colors promote passion and action, the cool shade promotes expertise, professionalism and dependability. In fact, the website is such a professional one, that you will feel they are here to stay for a long time in the live adult video chat market.

Chaturbate Webcam Diversity

The biggest catch of Chaturbate is the webcam diversity. Interestingly, you will get about a 1000 performers at any time of the day to entertain you. For convenience, these performers are divided into several groups such as lesbian, solo, group, couple, gay and more.

Each of these categories brings you nothing, but the best. Apart from this, you can browse for more sub categories such depending on age, status, region as well as private shows per price.

This site is a perfect mix of European as well as Asian cam girls. So, you won’t fall short of entertainment. The facility of narrowing down the search to suit your need based on your mood, requirements as well as individuals, is another feature of Chaturbate.

Option of Free Adult Chat

When choosing free adult chat, you have the option to choose between free chats and private chats. In the free chat section, you have the facility to chat with the professionals before going on to hire them.

Again, for the private ChaturbateTokenHacks chats, you need to pay on the basis of per minute. The clear bio of each model just below their thumbnails is a remarkable feature of this site. These bio mention the age of the models, their location as well as how long they have been online. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Lastly, the users also get to choose from three different memberships. These include the Guest User who can enjoy free shows, but nothing more than it. The next comes the Basic membership with free web cam chats along with the option of chatting with numerous cams at the same time.

The Basic members also have the facility to enjoy full video streaming. Premium membership option allows free video chat in full screen with the option of changing the font and colors in messages.

Overall, this website offers more than what any user visiting for the first time might expect. The options are too many when it comes to performers and the quality of the performance is also high. In simple words, it is clear they are here to stay for long.

LiveJasmin is One of the Best Webcam Modelling Sites

LiveJasmin is a site that provides great models whom any adult can chat with. The charges for chatting and interacting with the models are reasonable and cheap to ensure that anyone interested with their services affords them. But, most people tend to use a LiveJasminHacks to get free credits.

For smooth running of this site, there are rules that govern the interaction between a model and a client.

LiveJasmin Rules to Follow

  • The models should not share any personal information with the client
  • While on camera, the models cannot use phones, eat or assume the clients
  • There should be no arrangements between the client and the model to chat outside the website
  • The model and the client should never have meeting plans outside the website
  • The models should strictly use English even if the client uses different language during free chat
  • There are no free shows. The model should only expose nudity in private shows
  • The model cannot move from the camera during a show


However, despite all these rules and many others, there are issues that hinder complete follow up of the rules. Some of these issues include;

  • The fact that these models earn the website huge amount of money thereby the admin ignores most of the mistakes as long as the customer is earning.
  • The other issue is that the admin is not strictly keen to observe what the model is doing during live shows. Therefore if there is bleach of terms and conditions, the clients who witnessed the action are the ones to take initiative and report the incident. After this the admin takes action to discipline the model. This implies that if there was no one to report the incidence the offender goes unpunished.
  • The guest can also engage in group private shows. This gives the client an opportunity to issue orders to the model for example, strip or masturbate. However, the order buttons here are limited and therefore the orders one can give are limited as well.


In this website, models pocket more pennies with a tip during free chat as compared to member chat tips. This is a gorgeous site as a model can host more than one private show simultaneously unlike most websites. To make this easier, the site divides the messages per client in order to ensure efficient communication. This ensures that messages do not land at the same place from all the clients. However, this is normally challenging to the model as during private shows instructions are given by the client and they demand attention as they are paying for the services.

With LiveJasmin, a model can own more than a single account. Most of such models only work for LiveJasmin only. For any guest to chat and interact with models, one needs a nickname.

This ensures that if you are a new guest the models do not leave you for their known customers. A real guest can have up to 24 favorite models, be attended by 4 models simultaneously and talk with other guests among other privileges.

Individual private shows are fully displayed. Here the client will have a moment with the models and the only thing that can limit you is your money. Here you give orders that are to be followed and which will give you the pleasure you were searching for.


LiveJasmin Fun Clubs

As a real member, you are always given an opportunity to interact with the models in their fun clubs. You are not dictated on whose LiveJasmin hack fun club to join. You join fun clubs of the models who make you happy if at all they have the clubs.

For any model to have a fun club, the models must have an earning of above $ 100 every month. These fun clubs allow clients to know much more about their favorite models as they contains models’ information such as hobbies, future goals, dislikes and likes among other things. Other things that one can get from fun clubs include;

  • Clients can record the model’s private shows and see them again at a discount of 50%
  • The clients can also watch the model’s video in fun clubs
  • One can enjoy seeing the model’s snapshots
  • There is also increased attention that you get from the model by visiting their fun clubs


All these benefits have got a friendly fee at the end of the month for all these offers. There are also positions known as VIPs depending on the much you buy on LiveJasmin. Suppose you obtain the first 500 buyers you get an opportunity to set your own nickname. This is a great site for anyone interested in webcam modelling either as a model or as a client.